ROSIVA Šumperk s.r.o.
Bludovská 18
787 01 Šumperk
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 603 519 070  

česká verze
srpska verzija

Operator of web portal
Economic News from Serbia
and Montenegro

Our objective: "Long-term support and development of mutual economic and cultural relations
between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Serbia

Proexport marketing services and products

Consulting and marketing services for exporters and investors for companies and institutions from the Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro:

- Provision of information about local legislature
- Locating investment opportunities and their realization
- Locating suitable projects, which can apply for development programmes,
  with participation of Czech companies

- Marketing services and Market research
- Locating and verifying suitable business partners
- Maintaining business relations
- Organizing business transactions

- Assistance in establishing companies and representative offices
- Assistance to activities of foreign representative office

- Intermediation of legal services
- Claim settlement of Czech creditors in Serbia and Montenegro
- Claim settlement of creditors from Serbia and Montenegro in the Czech Republic

- Translations and Interpretation
- Advertising and publishing offer/demand

- Preparing and printing company materials and web site creation

All our services - their range, direction, processing rate, form and language of final report, etc. - are optimized with respect to the needs and requirements of our clients. Do not hesitate to tell us your vision. In no time you will receive a comprehensive offer including our advised approach and pricing.