ROSIVA Šumperk s.r.o.
Bludovská 18
787 01 Šumperk
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 603 519 070  

česká verze
srpska verzija

Operator of web portal
Economic News from Serbia
and Montenegro

Internet portal operation

Economic portal

In the year 2000 ROSIVA Šumperk s.r.o. commenced the development of an economic portal, which would provide Czech subjects with economic information from South East Europe, primarily Serbia and Montenegro. The portal was officially launched in the year 2001.

The portal is focused on supporting entrepreneurial activities between the Czech Republic and Serbia and Montenegro. It is currently the only Czech source providing the most extensive and up-to-date economic information from Serbia and Montenegro. Information is available in Czech, English and Serbian. The foundation of the portal is current economic information primarily from Serbia and Montenegro and advertisements from entrepreneurial subjects. The portal publishes information about privatization, legislature, fairs, exhibitions and various events and presents a showcase of regions, cities and companies from the Czech Republic and Serbia and Montenegro.

The economic-oriented information displayed to visitors from the Czech Republic, Serbia and many other countries is intended for experts as well as the general public.

The aim of the portal is to support economic development between the Czech Republic and Serbia and Montenegro.